*1981, Hadsel, Norway.
Lives in Berlin.


2006-2009  ⋅  Bachelor in Fine Art, Institute of Printmaking, Bergen National Academy of the Arts (NO)
2008  ⋅  Exchange studies, Department of Fine Art, Listaháskóli (Iceland Academy of the Arts) (IS)
2002-2004  ⋅  2-year Fine Art Diploma, Kunstskolen i Bergen (Bergen School of the Fine Arts) (NO)
2002  ⋅  Psychology (30 ECTS), University of Bergen (NO)
2001  ⋅  Ex. Phil and Ex. Fac (30 ECTS), University of Oslo (NO)
2000-2001  ⋅  Creative Arts, Nansenskolen (Nansen Academy/ The Norwegian Humanistic Academy), Lillehammer (NO)


2024  ⋅  Å følge en sti, (with Sandersen/Gonsholt/Johansen/Lovgren), Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien (NO) - upcoming
2022  ⋅  Anonyme Zeichner 2022, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin (DE)
2018  ⋅  Hi10, Skien (with Sandersen/Pettersen/Baas), Porsgrunn (NO)
2018  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings 2018, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin (DE)
2018  ⋅  Stipendutstillingen, (with Sandersen/Pettersen/Baas), Telemark Art Center, Skien (NO)
2018  ⋅  Geometry of folds II, (with Sandersen/Pettersen/Baas), Kunstpunkt Lista (NO)
2018  ⋅  Sørlandsutstillingen, (with Sandersen/Pettersen/Baas), Flekkefjord (NO)
2018  ⋅  A Little Higher than the Bird, the Ether Spreads and the Roof and Walls Float, (with Sandersen/Pettersen/Baas), Agder Contemporary Art Centre, Kristiansand (NO)
2015  ⋅  Reconstructed identities, (with L. A. Dalmar) Scandinavian Cultural Center, PLU, Tacoma WA (US)
2015  ⋅  Scenery is Dim, (Reverse History (with L. A. Dalmar) Sim Gallery, Reykjavik (IS)
2014  ⋅  En gjenopprettet sammenheng, (with L. A. Dalmar) Bodø Kunstforening (NO)
2014  ⋅  A restored connection, (with L. A. Dalmar) Vesterheim Museum, Decora IA (US)
2014  ⋅  Luftkollektivet III, Plattenvereinigung, Tempelhofer Freiheit, Berlin (DE)
2013  ⋅  I have my thoughts to entertain me, (with L. A. Dalmar) Altes Finanzamt, Berlin (DE)
2013  ⋅  Velkommen til bords, (with L. A. Dalmar) Public Space 1, Iowa City IA (US)
2012  ⋅  Reverse History, (with L. A. Dalmar) Agder Kunstnersenter, Kristiansand (NO)
2012  ⋅  Luftkollektivet II, Kulturnatt, Porsgrunn (NO)
2011  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, sihlquai55 offspace, Zurich (CH)
2011  ⋅  Luftkollektivet I (One week Work in Progress), Mølla på Grim, Kristiansand (NO)
2010  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, Berlin (DE)
2009  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings 10, Bethanien, Berlin (DE)
2009  ⋅  Boutique Obscure, (with K. Pettersen) Kristiansand (NO)
2009  ⋅  BFA degree show, Bergen National Academy of the Arts (NO)
2009  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, Berlin (DE)
2008  ⋅  Autumn Show, Listaháskóli, Reykjavik (IS)
2008  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, Otterndorf, Germany
2008  ⋅  Nordiske Impulser/ Festspillene i Bergen, Logen Theater, Bergen (NO)
2007  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, Hamburg (DE)
2007  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings Selection, Berlin (DE)
2007  ⋅  Exchange Value, collaboration between Bergen National Academy of the Arts (NO), Vilnius Academy (LT), the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK) and Edinburgh College of Art (UK)
2007  ⋅  Anonymous Drawings 4, Berlin (DE)
2006  ⋅  Prøverommet, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NO)
2006  ⋅  Galleri Haganes, (with H. Kårtveit and T. Træen), Sotra (NO)


2024  ⋅  Project Support, Telemark Fylkeskommune, NO
2023  ⋅  Project Support, Norwegian Artist Association/ Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, NO (Sandersen/Lovgren/Gonsholt/Osbakk)
2023  ⋅  Project Support, Norske Grafikere, NO (Sandersen/Lovgren/Gonsholt/Osbakk)
2018  ⋅  Project Support, (Geometry of folds), Norwegian Artist Association/
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (NO)
2018  ⋅  Travel Grant/ Reisestipend, (Geometry of folds), Sørlandsutstillingen (NO)
2018  ⋅  Project Support, (Geometry of folds), Kristiansand City Council (NO)
2014  ⋅  Project Grant/ Statens diversestipend, Arts Council Norway (NO)
2012  ⋅  Artist in Residence, Agder Contemporary Art Centre (NO)
2012  ⋅  Project Grant, (Reverse History with L. A. Dalmar) Kulturbyfondet, Stavanger City Council (NO)
2012  ⋅  Project Support, Norwegian Artist Association/ Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (NO)
2012  ⋅  Project Support, (Luftkollektivet), Porsgrunn City Council (NO)
2011  ⋅  Project Support, (Luftkollektivet), Kristiansand City Council (NO)
2009  ⋅  Exhibition Grant, (Boutique Obscure with K. Pettersen),
Cultiva Ekspress, Kristiansand (NO)
2008  ⋅  Exchange Grant, Nordplus Higher Education


2018-  ⋅  With Siri Sandersen, Karen Pettersen and Jessica Baas
2010-  ⋅  Hypernative (with Line Anda Dalmar)
2011-  ⋅  Luftkollektivet (an art collective existing in the air between Norway, Germany and Sweden. The group consists of a selection of artists graduated from Bergen National Academy of the arts. The group meets up ones a year to make an on week event; a site- specific art marathon)
2010-2011  ⋅  Kassert (participant in an art project by Sarah Jost)


Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK)
Nord-Norske Billedkunstnere (NNBK)