collaboration / Hypernative

I.c.w Line Anda Dalmar (NO) and Regine Osbakk (NO)

A collaborative research based art project. By using the Norwegian-American as a starting- point, the project examines how cultural identity occur and how it is inherited and transformed through generations. An exploration in how humans define themselves and the environment around them, and the need for knowledge and connection to own culture and history. The project resulted in works with still and moving images, objects and happenings.

The project was exhibited in locations in the US, Iceland and Norway; Scandinavian Cultural Center (Tacoma WA, US), Sim Gallery (Reykjavik, IS), Bodø Kunstforening (Bodø, NO), Vesterheim Museum (Decora, US), Altes Finanzamt (Berlin, DE), Public Space 1 (Iowa City, US) and Agder Kunstnersenter (Kristiansand, NO).
Funded by: Kulturbyfondet Stavanger (NO), Vederlagsfondet (NO),  Stavanger Kommune (NO), an anonymous donor (US) and Mary Mills Dunea of Osage, Iowa (US).