Temporary installation
Kunstpunkt Lista, Lista (NO)
Lightboard, lamp, PVC-film and cube with cushions 

In Demarcation, light is internalised into the observer and becomes an integrated part of them. The work is based on two light sources, and the viewer becomes part of the work. Through the experience of light and thereby space, processes on the retina are initiated. The afterimage becomes the optical phenomenon that remains. It becomes the canvas where the visual imprint exists.

The work is an attempt to shape what is not possible to shape, and what does not have a shape. The flat surface becomes a neutral point where outer and inner space, and natural and artificial light, interact. My focus is on the encounter between space and surface and how this encounter annihilates both. As Goethe phrased it «[... ] the afterimage eliminates the distinction between inner and outer perception.» (own translation, »Nachbilder, Das Gedächtnis des Auges in Kunst und Wissenschaft«, Carolin Meister,