Blokkert utsikt No. 1

Temporary site-spesific installation
Plattenvereinigungs building at Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin (DE)
Vaseline on glass

Blocked view No. 1 is the first installation of the project View, and is an exploration of my own and others’ contemplation of a view and a landscape. By blurring a part of a window I explored how this changes the experience of a view when a part of it is smudged. It is an examination of manipulation of perception and conception, and what we as observers are able to see, as well as censoring, also in a political context.

This installation was conceived for a temporary building in Berlin’s park Tempelhofer Feld, built by the architect group Plattenvereinigung. The park is a former airport that is now open for the public. It gives an the opportunity to watch the horizon in an otherwise densely developed city.